Friday, July 4, 2014

Poems... Past and present

A couple of poems...  First, something I wrote quite recently.

Giving Thanks

It couldn't have been

some cartoon cat

with a bunch of daisies

grinning Thank You s.

It needed to be more than that,

spelt out in 6-foot letters on a beach;


Something beyond ordinary,

beyond special.

I don't know how

to make it big enough,

but I think I should

plant trees, in rows 6-deep.

Wait twenty years

to take you up in a balloon,

to look down,

and finally see

what I've been trying to say.

Thank you.


One from a couple of years ago.....

3.30 a.m.

Lately I’ve been rising

in the middle of the night

to write poems.

Well, not to write poems,

but while I’m up,

and wondering what to do,

poems come,

and at that hour,

you do not turn company away.

You say:

Could you not sleep either?

What has you so restless?

Would you like a cup
of my chamomile-vanilla tea?


And finally.....


We pray for rain

or an end to it;

health, continued,

or a return to it,

for us, for friends,

for all;

for a good day,

an easy heart,

someone to love,

someone to love our sons,

our daughters.

For protection in peril,

for souls gone from us

we pray,

each word another fragment

on the endless fluttering string

connecting us

to where our prayer goes.

And always, the only questions

to which we really seek an answer:

Are you there?

Do you hear?

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